45 Babies!

One Sunday in October, we went to what I soon would find out was the longest church service ever. It took about 4 hours! It took so long because of how many babies they had to baptize. This was the first time they had a priest in three years! So many parents requested baptism. The funny thing was that we expected two or three babies to get baptized when it ended up being 45 BABIES! A hard thing, at least for me, was that the whole mass was in the local language Lugbara. I liked the music especially because the instruments they played were very exotic. (Sammy, 9)

One LARGE Adungu!

Burua Subparish, Arua , West Nile, NW Uganda

One of the 45 Babies!

Fr. Tonino Pasolini MCCJ conducting baptisms in Burua Subparish, October 2018