Kids are kids?

Play Time

My little sister is very shy with adults, but loves meeting and playing with new kids.

Fr. Joe Kakooza, one of our friends in Uganda, said that all kids under 12 are the same around the world. That is debatable though. I think that American children, mostly under 7, have a smaller attention span than kids from many other countries. I’ve also seen that African children work a lot more than most kids from my country. When I was walking around a Ugandan village near Lake Bunyonyi, I saw a 5-year-old kid carrying a 20-pound bunch of twigs and leaves for a fire!

I think what the priest meant is that kids around the world all love to play, which I agree with. All kids around the world love to play something, whether it’s video games, dancing or simply running outside. This year I’ve played soccer with kids from Sudan, China, Colombia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe!

I think the love of play is how kids around the world are all the same. (Sammy, age 9)