Highlights of our Year in Uganda

Samuel's Top 5 Highlights:

  1. Playing on a local Entebbe football (soccer) team.
  2. Watching the Champion's League Final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.
  3. Seeing a rare Leopard on my safari.
  4. Playing with Qi Wen, Ahmed, and other friends at UCAN International Primary School.
  5. All the special cultural food I liked, such as groundnut sauce with rice, papaya, mango, pineapple, matoke (bananas) with groundnut sauce, posho with beans, and chapati with beans. I liked Ugandan food!

Addy Rose's Top 5 Highlights:

  1. Walking around a crater lake in Fort Portal (photo).
  2. Seeing giraffes on my safari.
  3. Sports time at UCAN School - running, hopping, skipping, and standing on one foot.
  4. Celebrating birthdays at my school.
  5. Chapati and beans - my favorite meal in Uganda!

RJ's Top 5 Highlights:

  1. Eating loads of Ugandan food - matoke, rice, gnut sauce, groundnuts, okra, posho, chapati, fried cassava, Irish potatoes, mangoes, and even powdered milk.
  2. Acting out the first scene of Shakespeare's King Lear.
  3. Watching 44 babies and 1 kid get baptized in a rural Catholic church in Arua.
  4. Visiting Lake Bunyonyi in SW Uganda & Rwanda, especially the National Genocide Memorial.
  5. Winning the school debate on abolishing grades (I supported grades!)

Annabelle's Top 5 Highlights:

  1. Celebrating my 12th birthday by watching Aladdin with my UCAN friends.
  2. Petitioning for a better lunch table system, giving me experience with democracy.
  3. Seeing a pride of 11 lions on my safari.
  4. Going to church and staying up till midnight on New Year's Eve with my Dad.
  5. Discovering my passion for passion fruit!